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Flying paranoia

I am so glad we are not flying anywhere today. Ok, it has been in the news but sort of the most compact wassup and whatitmeans was again by Schneier. The safety measures went quite extreme.
No laptops, ipods, books, anything to entertain you for plane allowed.
No medicines unless strictly needed, and not in liquid form.
No drinks or food allowed.

Add to this last one the usual 'if you travel long haul and do not eat and/or drink at all during the flight, you get an extensive body search when you arrive'.
Add the crappy food and not enough drinks (I'm talking about stuff like water, gatorade, anything hydrating here, not alcohol) and passengers filled with paranoia by all this. (I get sick by just the dehydration if I don't have more water with me, and something like Gatorade).
Then have your laptop and other electrical equipment stuffed in the usually mishandled checked in luggage... somehow I don't see the flight security or airlines make you a written statement that they cover your laptop if it is e.g. dropped, if it has some minor damages like broken screens, hard drives, optical drives, or anything that isn't normally covered by warranty as that would be seen as abuse.
I don't think I will enjoy traveling for a while.
Not that it would be enjoyable anyway any more.
I hope this paranoia will not last forever. I don't see moving to another continent as an option using the plane as a transport method with this freaking out going on...

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